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I learnt how to breathe better and it changed my life!

Managing your breathing is a simple, free-of-charge way to improve your life. Trust me on this. I came as a sceptic but I’ve felt the effects and it’s real.

Yet previously the phrase “breathwork” always grated. Breathing happened all the time, it was an effortless, unconscious activity I’d successfully managed all my life. Then someone added the word “work” to it and turned it into something you had to practise and learn, like needlework or woodwork. So I was kind of irritated when I finally started experimenting – and discovered that I was wrong. Breathing techniques really do ease anxiety, improve concentration, athletic performance and sleep, and help you burn fat. Oh, and give you a harmless drug-like high, should you so desire. Read more “I learnt how to breathe better and it changed my life!”