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FitDad Body Plan

Aimed at +35 year old professional males dissatisfied with their health and fitness. With an 8 week health and lifestyle transformation plan, delivered direct to your mobile phone.

  • Want to get fit and healthy without sacrificing hours and hours in the gym or time away from your family or busy work schedule?
  • Want to take action, improve your movement, feel energised, strong and take pride in your physique?
  • Want to optimise your health, improve your sleep and lower your stress levels?

Developed by Altius Personal Training LTD the FitDad Body Plan is a fully comprehensive 8-week Online fitness programme designed for over 35 year old males who want to become fit and healthy. FDBP isn't just an 8-week fat loss programme - you will not be given a 'crash' unsustainable diet to follow or given crazy unrealistic workouts to fit into your already hectic lifestyles.

You will however, gain access to elite level coaching and education and get the results you deserve. FDBP is a great way to kick-start long term lifestyle behaviour change and help you build healthy habits that are sustainable.

If you can answer 'yes' to several of the following questions, then FDBP is exactly what you need to make positive changes in your long term mental and physical wellbeing.

FDBP isn't about getting 'buff' - but about getting robust health and feeling better about yourself.

FDBP is a journey of long term lifestyle behaviour change. Designed by fitness professionals at Altius PT LTD with extensive experience of working with elite athletes and general population groups and delivered direct to your mobile phone.

What is included when I sign up to FDBP?

8-Week Training Programme

Time efficient progressive workouts suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced trainers. Choose from bodyweight only home workouts and gym based plans to fit your hectic schedule. Video guidance and exercise library to ensure exercise execution and intensity is optimal.

Nutrition Guidance

Simple, efficient, delicious and sustainable meal plans to suit your goals including fat loss and muscle gain plans. Nutrition coaching and guidance including recipes and bonus materials to keep you on track.

Bonus workouts

Additional workouts added to the plan as you progress over the 8 weeks to keep you motivated and working towards your goals.

Access to elite level coaching

Access to elite level coaching and mentoring to keep you accountable, motivated and on track with your goals. Unlimited use of our chat feature to ask questions and check in whenever you need.

Tracking and Monitoring

Pre-mid and end fitness assessments, and optional before and after photos to track your progress and keep you motivated. Fully integrated log to record your workouts, and access all of your personal information via our Altius PT App.

Convenience and accessibility

Full access to our Altius PT App. All your FitDad Body Plan workout plans, exercise video library, nutrition plans, daily nudges and reminders all delivered and accessible on your mobile device.

Bonus Materials

You will also receive bonus materials and extra sessions to the most out of your FDBP including:

  • Pre-hab sessions to help you manage old 'niggles' and injuries that have been causing you pain and discomfort and limiting your movement ability.
  • Mobility and Flexibility sessions to improve your pain free movement, help you recover between workouts and help you de-stress and unwind.
  • Mindfulness sessions to help you destress, unwind, relax and regain focus.

Have any further questions and want to learn more? - then email for further details.


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