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The 8 Best Ways to Lose Weight After 40

The 8 Best Ways to Lose Weight After 40

Source: Story by Marty Munson, Perri O. Blumberg Esquire.

Losing weight over 40 is not easy. And that’s putting it gently.

“If you’re over 40, you may have observed that weight gain and loss are more difficult than they used to be,” says cardiologist Sanul Corrielus, M.D., a Philadelphia private practice owner in affiliation with Temple University Hospital. “Changes in your level of activity, eating habits, hormone levels, and the way your body stores fat can all have an impact.” Read more “The 8 Best Ways to Lose Weight After 40”

The Science behind Creatine Monohydrate

Few supplements have garnered as much attention and scrutiny in the nutrition world as creatine monohydrate. From elite athletes to weekend warriors, the goal for improved muscular strength and mass has led many gym-goers to hit Google to find out if they should be adding a scoop to their post-workout shake. Creatine monohydrate, a heavily studied supplement, is fast becoming a staple to accompany the training plans of many. But what actually is it? Read more “The Science behind Creatine Monohydrate”