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Should I worry about working out too hard?

Endless studies show the physical, mental and longevity-based benefits of working out, while plenty suggest that avoiding activity is bad. But read one headline about someone collapsing after a row, or talk to someone whose friend got stress fractures from running, and it sticks in the mind. So, how risky is training too hard? And is there a way to make sure you never cross that red line into dangerous territory? Read more “Should I worry about working out too hard?”

Acute Muscle Injury

Early versus Delayed Rehabilitation after Acute Muscle Injury

Acute traumatic muscle-strain injuries are common and result in a substantial loss of time and risk of recurrence. Treatment options such as platelet-rich plasma are ineffective. The extent to which the timing of rehabilitation influences clinical recovery of strain injuries remains unknown. We investigated whether early or delayed use of injured musculotendinous tissue affected recovery after acute muscle-strain injuries.

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